Dayton Pallets, Skids, and Crates

We sell high quality lumber. Give us a call today in order to receive a free quote and reserve your spot for delivery. Simply give us the desired sizes and quantity of the lumber that you need and it will be our delight and honor to serve you. At Dayton Pallets, Skids, and Crates, we always offer our customers the best quality in lumber.

Wholesale prices to save you money

We are pleased to service all of your lumber needs. We have a lot to offer! We provide an extensive range of lumber and source it ourselves. In this way, we ensure that our customers have the highest quality of lumber that is the best in the business. Depending on your needs, we offer long term supply contracts and even one-off orders. We desire to provide our customers flexibility and dependability in addition to high-quality lumber choices. As always, we are happy to give advice and discuss thoughts and ideas if you aren’t sure precisely what lumber will best suit your particular project or current needs. Try us today, and you will not be disappointed.

Sizes Available

Dayton’s Pallet, Crate, and Lumber offer wholesale lumber for both large and small orders. To get started, give us the lumber size and quantity. It’s that simple!

Lumber is available in the following sizes:

  • 1”x4”
  • 1”x6”
  • 2”x4”
  • 2”x6”
  • 2”x12”
  • 4”x4”

With such a range of lumber sizes available to you, this means that you can get everything in one delivery. Just let us know your specific needs and desires so that we can do everything we can to help you. Customer service is always our number one priority! So please pick up the phone today and give us a call. We are here to serve you and your business!

    We maintain quality

    It’s our specialty to offer the best quality lumber orders that are available. We choose the mills that guarantee us a consistent service without compromising the incredible, high quality that we promise our customers. Upon arrival, we inspect all loads of lumber to ensure further that the quality is not compromised and that it meets our exact standards. We handpick orders to ensure that all sizes and specifications are correct. No lumber will ever leave our yard without having first been thoroughly inspected and checked by our skilled and experienced team members. This procedure provides our customers with the best quality and cares for their buck!


    We are always delighted and happy to meet a new customer! We are available to help with any orders that are big and small. To place an order, you can call us, and we will discuss your needs through one of our skilled and experienced team members. If you are unable to call, use our contact page to place an online order. Give us the lumber size, what style you’re searching for, and the quantity needed, and we will get back in touch with you to discuss delivery options. Once that is taken care of, your order will be ready for you!