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For international shipping, you must obey specific rules and regulations. If you don’t, shipments may be held up, or you could face criminal charges. These specially treated pallets are mandated to exterminate insects and take care of other exporting concerns.
We offer IPPC and ISPM–15 treated new and used wood in all sizes, safe to use for exporting. Pallets come in the Grocery Manufacturer Association (GMA) standard size of 48”x40”, but as Dayton’s number one provider, Dayton Pallets, Skids, and Crates can custom build pallets to a variety of sizes to serve your needs.

Please call for a quote and to confirm that your pallet needs will meet regulatory approval through heat treating.

Rules and Regulations on Exporting Heat-Treated Pallets

Current regulations allow for some limited re-use of heat-treated wood. If a pallet is repaired to the point that 30% or more is changed, the full pallet is required to be heat-treated before exporting.

We take care of it for you

We know there is a lot of concern over the regulatory environment, but that’s why we are here to help you. Phone us, and we will explain the rules, regulations, and processes to you thoroughly to ensure your business’s success in legally shipping overseas.


At Dayton Pallets, Skids, and Crates, our excellent team will be delighted to create the perfect custom pallet order to suit your business needs.

Give Dayton Pallets, Skids, and Crates a call or use the Contact Us page, and we will guide you through our custom ordering process. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and one of our experts will find the right solution for you. With decades of combined experience, we can solve customer needs in every situation.

Used ISPM–15

We sell top quality, heat-treated, used wood pallets that are available for delivery and collection in the Dayton, Ohio area. As the premiere Dayton pallet supplier, you can be assured that our lightly used, heat-treated pallets will meet or exceed all relevant rules and regulations. We can also promise you a very reasonable cost! With Dayton Pallets, you will find euro pallets, block type pallets, and skid as well as the standard 40 x 48. These pallets have all been heat treated and certified for international export use. If you are in need of these pallets, please check with us on the availability and provide us with the sizes needed. Give us a call today! We are here to serve you!