Dayton Pallets, Skids, and Crates

When crates are better

If more protection is needed, wooden crates may be a better choice than using cardboard boxes. Wooden crates are still light enough to be moved quickly and are built to conform to your exact needs.

When you contact us, our experts will be able to assist you with information about what size and materials will be best for your goods. Our experts will take things like weight and size, as well as the value of the products being shipped, and come up with a perfect crate to suit your needs. We can take care of both commercial and industrial needs, including exporting, home moving, and artwork and antiques. We can take care of it!


The team at Dayton Pallets, Skids, and Crates can quickly build wooden crates to custom specs for almost every need. They can be used for transporting goods and packaging products for export, and custom crates are a perfect solution too many shipping needs. The size, shape, and specification of your products, along with the nature of the contents, will determine the requirements for your custom crates, which will be designed for the highest levels of protection of your goods. For instance:

  • We will heat treat for exporting if needed.
  • We will assess the right levels of shock protection and dampening to protect from vibration.
  • We will ensure that the crate design matches the weight profile of your goods.

Measurements and material information required:

We need the following information to create a custom crate:

  • Crate style type (Wyman or Plywood)
  • Inside measurements – length, width, and height (in inches)
  • Weight requirements
  • Contents of the crates
  • Heat treated or not (IPPC stamped)
  • Quantity of crates needed

    Customer service is our priority. That’s why people have told us that Dayton Pallets, Skids, and Crates is the best in the business for custom crate orders.

    To get started, give us a call and talk with an experienced expert about your needs or use the Contact Us page on this website. Please tell us as much as you can about the products you are shipping, and include the information set out above to make sure we can serve you.