Pallet Shipping Costs

Pallet staced with boxes being ready to be shipped from a customer in Dayton, OHWhether we like or not, pallet shipping cost is something that most buyers would want to eliminate or at least, reduce. However, the cost of shipping is continuously rising due to different variables, including fuel prices, logistics laws, and development of transportation. 

Take heart! We have come up with practical advice to help customers like you to save on pallet shipping costs and maximize their money to their advantage. 


Cutting Pallet Shipping Charges

Some of the key variables that affect the total shipping charge include the following:

  • Pallet Location
  • Pallet Specifications
  • Pallet Order Quantity
  • Shipping Timing
  • Delivery Location
  • Shippers


Pallet Location

Where your pallets come from is crucial in determining the final shipping cost. It follows that the farther the pallets originate, the more expensive it gets. 

Pro Tip: Go for a local pallet supplier because it can significantly reduce the cost of shipping.


Pallet Specifications

Pallets that are lighter and smaller allow more units to be piled into the truck, which means you pay less. When more pallets are loaded in the delivery, then each pallet will account for a lower cost. 

Pro Tip: Use smaller and lighter pallets for shipping to reduce the required number of carriers, hence less cost of shipping.  


Pallet Order Quantity

The more pallets you ship, the smaller shipping cost you need to pay per unit. It will make a significant difference if you adjust your pallet order when it comes to the cost of shipping. The cost of your “per unit” shipping can drop to $1.25 if you order 100 pallets that cost $2.50 per pallet if you increase your order to 200 pallets. 

Pro Tip: Find the most favorable number of pallets to maximize your “per unit” delivery charges. 


Shipping Service Level/ Timing

If you need the pallets to be delivered in a rush, expect the cost to drive up. This is especially true when the shipping company needs to pick up and deliver a small order.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to keep track of your inventory and make your orders before you run out of supply. You can save a significant amount of money if you follow the standard time of delivery, which is 3-5 business days. 


Delivery Location

One apparent factor that affects pallet shipping cost is the location. If your delivery location is far from the origin of the pallet, this will automatically increase the cost shipping. 


Loading Dock

You will require a liftgate service from the courier if there is no loading dock available. If you can unload the pallets on your own, you can save on the liftgate services cost. Liftgates typically add $50 to the total shipping fees. If the pallets need to be delivered using a flatbed, the cost of shipping goes up. 


Be Your Shipper 

You can save on shipping cost if you have your own trucks and deliver them on your own. This is ideal if you are near to the origin of the pallet and pick them up on your own.

Pro Tip: You may get a discount with a shipping company which you have an account with, especially if you use them for several delivery projects.